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  • RPX Back
  • RPX Side

RPX Walkie/Rider Pallet Truck

Rated at 6,000 – 8,000 lbs.

Applications: Manufacturing, Warehousing; Flexible design allows use in various operating environments

Up and down crowded aisles, in and out of coolers & freezers, racing to and from the loading dock, stopping and starting — our Platinum Series Pallet Trucks are engineered to offer unmatched reliability and performance.

Superior maneuverability… maximum operator comfort… extraordinary durability… the RPX is designed to excel in all environments — from coolers and freezers down to -20°F (-28.9°C) to dry ambient environments. And, it’s built to deliver maximum uptime and the low cost of ownership of a UniCarriers forklift. 


UniCarriers Exclusives

  • The largest operator platform in the industry
  • Environmental package includes sealed switches, thermal cut-back and shut down, an epoxy coated control board, IP65 rated sealed controller, and sealed steer race
  • Easily accessible maintenance points, including top-side grease fittings
  • Low-maintenance, long-life load wheels with dual ball bearings
  • Forks made of high quality, bend / crack resistant steel
  • Heavy-duty, solid steel push rods never need adjusting

UniCarriers Advantages

  • Proven 5.2 HP brushless AC drive motor delivers greater torque and faster speeds
  • Simplified 4-wire Controller Area Network (CAN) system
  • Sealed switches and logic boards for operation in coolers, wet rooms, and freezers down to -20°F (-28.9°C)
  • A full 1900° steering range
  • Fingertip controls reduce operator fatigue and allow precise travel speed
  • Hall Effect speed and directional control eliminates potentiometers and heaters
  • Strong, reliable alloy steel reinforced fork tips
  • Tapered 1/4" steel fork slides ensure smooth pallet entry/exit — eliminates the need for replaceable preload rollers
  • Push design lift linkage shields tie rods and improves ground clearance
  • Maintenance-free electronic horn
  • Large safety reversing button

UniCarriers Features

  • Large control buttons mounted to a soft grip high speed handle
  • Multi-function LCD meter panel
  • Smart electric brake system eliminates adjustments
  • Multi-function digital indicator readout
  • Tubular steel constructed steer handle & ergonomic control head
  • Large platform area
  • String guard on all wheels
  • Fuel cell ready design
  • Optional equipment includes coast control, side-tracker, battery rollers, convenience tray and more