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TGX Walkie/Rider Tow Tractor

Rated at 10,000 lbs. Roll Capacity

Applications: ideal as both a rider and walkie solution for automotive manufacturing and parts distribution, freight handling, retail operations , transporting durable goods, warehousing, order picking, and specialized industries such as pharmaceuticals, paper mills, and foodservice

Ergonomics and operator comfort combined with the maneuverability of a 190-degree steering arc and UniCarriers reliability make the TGX a powerful choice for applications requiring operational flexibility and productivity.


UniCarriers Exclusives

  • Easily operates in wet, cold environments and coolers and freezers down to -20° F (-28.9° C)
  • Hall Effect sensors offer simplified maintenance and are protected against dirt and condensation
  • Smart electric brake system uses regenerative motor torque to reduce component wear and extend life
  • Tugger control handle provides superior operator control while standing

UniCarriers Advantages

  • Proven 5.2 HP brushless AC drive motor delivers greater torque and faster speeds
  • Simplified 4-wire Controller Area Network (CAN) system
  • Sealed switches and logic boards for operation in coolers, wet rooms, and freezers down to -20°F (-28.9°C)
  • Fingertip controls reduce operator fatigue and allow precise travel speed
  • Hall Effect speed and directional control eliminates potentiometers and heaters
  • Maintenance-free electronic horn

UniCarriers Features

  • 5.2 HP brushless AC drive motor
  • Adjustable steerhead includes coast control and integrated sidetracker
  • Automatic jaw coupler with foot release
  • Padded front wall and operator backrest
  • Electronic brake system with push button release
  • Sealed switches and logic boards for operation in coolers, wet rooms, and freezers down to -20°F (-28.9°C)
  • Variety of options available, including battery rollers, convenience tray and rugged twin picking steps